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Sotag Black Card

What is Sotag?

Sotag is a digital business card that allows you to instantly share your personal information and data with the person in contact with you, within the limits of your permission.


Sotag Black Card data transfer can be done with two methods, NFC or QR code. There is no need to have Sotag on the device with which information is shared. The absence of such a requirement gives users freedom.


Stunning with its technology, Sotag makes your first impression flashy.


Who Uses Sotag?

Students, business people, artists, entrepreneurs, models, athletes, photographers, in short, anyone who wants to make a technological and flashy first impression!


What Information Can You Share With Sotag?

  • Your social media accounts (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Pinterest)
  • Your contact information (SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp, Location, Phone)
  • Your music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCould)
  • Your payment information (IBAN)
  • Mobile app (Apple Store, Google Play Store)
  • and more (Website, Special link, Presentation, File v.b.)


To activate the product , it remains to download the free mobile application called ise Sotag and make the settings. Are we ready to make a first impression?


Your partner does not need to download an application to have your sotag read. It is enough just to have a Sotag compatible phone. Click to access the compatible phone list.

Sotag Black Card

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