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Return Policy

My order is defective/defective/wrongly sent, what should I do?

All the products we offer for sale go through damage control while being packaged to be delivered to the cargo.


In rare cases, if there is a defective/defective/wrongly delivered product, the process works as follows;

  • When your order is delivered to your address by the cargo officer, before you receive the product, make sure to check the outer package for damage and have a "Due Diligence Report" prepared as soon as you see any damage.

  • In case of any damage you notice after order delivery, you should immediately contact the relevant cargo branch and ask them to prepare a "Due Diligence Report". If the cargo branch is not helping you in this regard, please inform us as soon as possible.

  • When you send the damaged product to our Sotag address together with the Damage Determination Report, your product exchange or return process will be completed quickly and you will be informed about it.

Warranty conditions

All of the products we offer for sale will be covered by our company's 6-month warranty.

In case of such problems, first of all, contact us at  Please contact us via e-mail address. 

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